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We miss Millie The Moose in Belgrade Lakes

On June 22nd of this year, a young moose showed up behind the Lakepoint Real Estate building.   Her visit attracted may onlookers and many calls to the game warden.  After a couple days of hanging out by the dam, the warden showed up to shoo her into the woods.

After a few days away, the moose who would become MILLIE, showed up again further down and across the stream.   It was in this area of Great Pond that she made her home.   Millie was young.  Our best guess is that Millie was about a year old.  That is the age that a young calves mother lets them go from the den and out on their own.   Millie chose to wander into the Belgrade Lakes Community and spend the good part of the summer with us.

Millie stole the hearts of residents and visitors of our town.  It is not often that a moose takes up residence in our area.  From researching local media it seems that Millie is only the second moose resident in memory.  The first one before cell phone cameras and social media.  Millie quickly became a local celebrity through social media channels.   Almost daily, people would post pictures of her doing what she did every day – enjoying the landscape and the lake.   One day she would be seen on the Rome side of the stream, the next on the Belgrade side.  Many days she was seen taking a swim across the stream.   She spent days in peoples yards and on their shorelines.

Millie was not afraid of people.   She stood by as people in boats, in cars and on foot approached her to take a picture.  After all, its not every day you see a moose!   Many believe that she would acknowledge passing boats with a look and a nod.

She was a majestic, peaceful animal.  She was big (estimated at 600-700 pounds) but appeared to be so gentle.

Tragically we lost Millie on the afternoon of July 30th.

For many residents and visitors, Millie’s short visit changed our lives.  Her arrival, her stay and her death created almost 6 weeks of excitement in our village.   Lets remember Millie for the beautiful visitor that she was and acknowledge the mystery that a moose brings.

“Millie was so cool and sweet to let everyone enjoy her. When my family was visiting mid July she let us take pictures (from a safe distance). One of the highlights for my boys was seeing a real live Moose. Millie will always be a good core memory for them. Heartbroken to hear of her pasing."

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  1. cecile guerin on

    So Nice to hear stories where people are welcoming and living with nature!
    • Joanne Alley on

      How did we lose her????
      • Valerie Hazelton on

        What happened to Millie? Was she sick?
        • Dustin on

          According to the Maine State Game Wardens service, Millie died of natural causes.

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