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Great and Long Ponds

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At 8,239 acres (3,334 ha), Great Pond is the largest of the Belgrade Lakes and forms the boundary between Rome to the north and Belgrade to the south. Tributaries Rome Trout Brook and Robbins Mill Stream enter the north end of Great Pond. Great Pond overflows westward approximately 1 kilometre (1,100 yd) to the east side of Long Pond north of the narrows.Although Great Pond is more than twice as deep as the previous lakes in the chain, it similarly becomes uniformly warm through the summer and unsuitable for native trout or salmon.


AREA (acres) 8,239
PERIMETER (miles) 46.1
LENGTH(miles)     7
WIDTH (miles) 4
MEAN DEPTH (feet) 21
MAX DEPTH (feet) 69
COORDINATES 44°32’N 69°50’W


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The northern basin of Long Pond in Rome is of similar depth as Great Pond, but the basin forming the western boundary of Belgrade and eastern boundary of Mount Vernon south of the narrows is fifty percent deeper with cooler deep waters. There is a public boat launch area at the south end of the narrows. Tributaries Whittier Brook and Beaver Brook drain Whittier Pond, Beaver Pond, Watson Pond, Round Pond, Kidder Pond, and McIntire Pond into the northern basin of Long Pond. Stony Brook and Ingham Stream drain Moose Pond and Ingham Pond into the southern basin. Smaller tributaries like Graveyard Brook and Sandy Cove Stream drain the eastern shores of the southern basin. The south end of Long Pond overflows through Belgrade Stream and Wings Mills Dam, reaching the south end of Messalonskee Lake after flowing 9 miles (14 km) eastward.


AREA (acres) 2,557
PERIMETER (miles) 31
LENGTH(miles)     7.2 mi
WIDTH (miles) 11 mi
MEAN DEPTH (feet) 35
MAX DEPTH (feet) 106
COORDINATES 44°32’N 69°54’W


The Belgrade Lakes Association is, by our best estimates, the oldest Lake's Association in the State of Maine, going back to 1909 Water Quality programs continue to form the heart of the Belgrade Lakes Association's mission. Our Mission is "To protect and improve the watershed of Great and Long Pond through preservation, education and action."

Belgrade Lakes Association
137 Main Street
PO Box 551
Belgrade Lakes, ME 04918
(207) 512-5150



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