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Long Pond, located a short distance from the capital city of Augusta, is a major body of water in the famed Belgrade Lakes system. This beautiful pond is divided into two distinct basins by a narrows. The lower (south) basin is the deepest and contains a sizeable amount of habitat to support both coldwater and warmwater fishes. The upper (north) basin, although not quite so deep, is likewise well suited to coldwater and warmwater fishes. Except for portions of the north basin's east shore, where the village of Belgrade Lakes is located, and on Castle Island at the narrows, Long Pond's shoreline remains relatively undeveloped. An excellent state-owned boat launch and parking area is located on the lower basin just south of the narrows.
Coldwater fishery management at Long Pond continues to emphasize salmon. Annual stockings of spring-yearling and nursery habitat to produce significant numbers of wild fish. In the late 1970's, heavy stockings of salmon led to a crash in the smelt population and a decline in salmon growth rates. In recent years, stocking rates have been kept relatively low in an effort to maintain the pond's population of smelts, the principal forage of salmon, at high levels. Salmon have responded favorably --- to this strategy by exhibiting excellent growth rates.


AREA (acres) 2,557
PERIMETER (miles) 31
LENGTH(miles)     7.2 mi
WIDTH (miles) 11 mi
MEAN DEPTH (feet) 35
MAX DEPTH (feet) 106
COORDINATES 44°32’N 69°54’W


The Belgrade Lakes Association is, by our best estimates, the oldest Lake's Association in the State of Maine, going back to 1909 Water Quality programs continue to form the heart of the Belgrade Lakes Association's mission. Our Mission is "To protect and improve the watershed of Great and Long Pond through preservation, education and action."

Belgrade Lakes Association
137 Main Street
PO Box 551
Belgrade Lakes, ME 04918
(207) 512-5150



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